We visited Wick Boards, an independent skate board brand who customise and build their own electronic boards or e-boards recently opened up a new concept space in East London’s creativity hub and uber cool spot, Hackney Wick. As well stocking their own customised boards they also stock the top 3 e-board brands in the UK. With car ownership and public transportation becoming increasingly expensive cash conscious city dwellers are increasingly looking for more sustainable options and Wick Boards offers some very viable solutions. Armed with decades of experience in the skateboard scene Wick Boards bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the game. What made Wick Boards special for us however as well as their passion for skating and skateboards was their passion for local charity work in the community. Working with local business owners Wick Boards set up experience events for local young people to get involved in fun and engaging projects in a bid to help them keep off streets. If your ever local to Wick Boards make sure to pass through and check out the store which hosts a relaxed and cool environment to you hang and talk skateboards and culture.

WickBoards Unit 1, 61 Wallis Road, Hackney Wick,
London E9 5LH


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