“Our mission simply is to create the best transparent relationships between influencers and brands providing value to both parties”

- Andrew I

"Our history starts from the TheHoxtonTrend. A mens clothing youtube channel which grew to be a leading authority for premium menswear growing a highly engaged global fanbase on social media."

- Hoxton

TheHoxtonTrend platform has since opened opportunities for us to meet some of the coolest talents and creatives to some of the industries leading retail brands and sector personalties.  Our connections to both talented people and cool brands as well us the mesh of having started our influencer brand gave as the idea to start CreateAtHoxton.

The brand was born from the Our Mission “To create valuable partnerships and content creation solutions between brands & influencers”. Many influencers still do not fully utilise their platforms to create opportunities, whilst on the other hand many brands who wish to work with influencers to gain exposure are still not quite sure what to look for and how to go about the process of engaging and working with an influencer.

Andrew I

Head of Business Development

Expertise: Brand Partnerships | Business Development| Influencer Marketing


Head of Content Creation

Expertise: Visuals & Content Ideas | Social Media Marketing | Influencer Marketing

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